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Why drainage is important

Drainage is something that is often overlooked when carrying out any type of building work. It is important to ensure that any water is discharged correctly and safely. Failure to ensure sufficient drainage can cause a range of issues including structural issues to your property.

Accos, Soakaways, Rain Water Harvesters, Klargesters, Land Drains

We can install any of the above as part of your work or development. Where possible we will connect your drainage to the public system. If this is not possible then we will use Soakaways to pick up the water. 

Hard standing areas (Driveways/Patios) always benefit from having good drainage, the most common would be  Accos feeding into either the main drain system or a Soakaway. When installing a soakaway we use the most up to date calculations to ensure the correct capacity is installed.


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